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Gift Certificates Are Sure To Please

apple blossom room

Apple Blossom Room with Mural

Gift Certificates for an “experience” are just about the most thoughtful gift you can give.  You are not saddling the recipient with “stuff” that lies around collecting dust, and you are not just giving cash – which seems so impersonal.  Instead, you are giving them a little push to get out and have some fun.  Whether it is for dinner, a massage, a concert or a travel destination, you are giving them an “experience” that they might not have had – and, perhaps, memories to last a lifetime.

Over the years, we have hosted dozens of couples staying with a gift certificate and we know that it is always appreciated.  It is wonderful to have arriving guests admit that this is their first experience in a bed and breakfast and they are here because their kids gave them a gift certificate.  They often don’t know how to act or what to expect, and we always try a little harder to make sure the first experience will lead to many others.  It doesn’t take long to get used to the experience.

Of course, we think the very best experience anyone can have is a relaxing weekend stay at Deerhill Inn in beautiful southern Vermont.  We have thirteen wonderful rooms to choose from and a really “amazing” dinner by Chef Michael Allen.

You can purchase our Gift Certificates for dollar amounts, or for a specific room.  Give us a call for details or go to the Gift Certificates link on our website and buy online.

It’s a gift that can’t fail to please.

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