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Deerhill Inn is “Amazing”

mountain dining

Amazing Food, Amazing View

During our eight years as owners of Deerhill Inn, we have gotten used to hearing accolades about Michael’s cooking and the Inn.  This  includes the term “scrummy” which I was assured was a compliment in the British Isles.  I assume it has something to do with scrumptious, but seems to be a bit more homey and comfort foody ish.

The word we hear most often, however, is “amazing” used to describe  the cooking, the Inn, the rooms, the mountain views, the gardens, the atmosphere, the robes, the breakfast,  the hospitality, the wine, the weekend, the experience, the romance …

Here are just a few which we have picked at random

Amazing food and lovely décor” – Dan & Sarah, CA

Amazing! Great Atmosphere, Wonderful Food.” – Phil & Sarah, CT

“What an amazing couple of days” – Karen & Michelle, PA

Amazing Stay” – John & Sarah, NY

“Beautiful, amazing food!” – Carol & Rick, MA

Amazing Experience” – Lisa & John, PA

Amazing” – Harold & Jenny, OH

“We had an amazing stay” – Madelyn & Marilyn, MS & MA

Amazing food” – Andrea & Ryan, MA

Amazing! Superb!” – Jon & Tom, NC

Amazing experience” – Jeremy & Ken, VT

“Beautiful, Delicious, Amazing!” – Nicole & Brian, MA

Amazing! Return visit and we will return again” – Jeanne & Lisa, PA

“Simply amazing!” – Richard & Barbara

“An amazing experience” – Karen & Jeff, PA

“Absolutely amazing! Beautiful, great service, great food” – Toni & Bogart, Canada

“Food was amazing and just perfect!” – Leslye & Carl, MA

“An absolutely amazing experience.  Superb dining and lodging” – Lorna & Joe, Canada

Amazing!” – Ashley & Chris, NY

“We had an absolutely amazing time.  Your Inn is lovely, thanks so much!” – Earl & Kelley, MI

“Breakfast was amazing and so relaxing here!” – Ryan & Gretchen

“Always an amazing evening!” – Scott & Danielle, CT

Amazing food and incredibly cozy.  We loved it” – Billy & Racquel, NY

Amazing experience, thank you!!” – John & Linda, VA

“Dinner was amazing!” – Nicholas, NC

“We had a wonderful time.  The food was absolutely amazing!” – Brian & Carson, RI

“Absolutely breath-taking!  Romantically amazing!” – Kaitlin & Gerry, NJ

“A very relaxing and comfortable stay.  The food was amazing! Thanks!” – Isabel, NY

Amazing food!” – Rachel & Katy, NY

“Wonderful!  Amazing food, every mouthful was terrific!” – Meredith & Paul, NY

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