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Goodby Sophie

sophieMichael and I are sorry to report that our little Corgi, Sophie, died unexpectedly last weekend from complications due to an obstruction in her small intestine.

Those of you who have been our guests in the past might remember Sophie as the shy, frightened little dog cowering under the reception desk in our office.  Although she was painfully shy and nervous around strangers, she was a much happier dog with all of us at Deerhill Inn.  She enjoyed getting treats from all of the staff members, kept Jeannette company all day as well as making a daily trip with her to the post office.

It was my task to accompany Sophie to the office in the morning and back to our apartment at night.  The evening ritual was my favortie time with her.  It was most always the last thing I did after closing up the Inn for the night.  I would either whistle or snap my fingers and wait about two seconds to hear her bound through the swinging office doors and head for the exit – her tail wagging in a circle as she ran.  I was always aware of what joy she provided and it was the perfect way to end the day.  I suspect I will be thinking of Sophie at closing time for as long as we have the Inn.


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One Response to “Goodby Sophie”

  1. Robert says:

    Michael & Stan,
    We are both so sorry to read of the loss of your cherished Sophie. There is nothing more special than the happy life we humans can provide to our pets – dogs being exceptionally special. Take comfort in knowing that you provided an outstanding life for Sophie and I’m sure she blessed you with countless happy moments and will do so in your memories.

    (Ottawa, Ontario)

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