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Vermont Grampas

May 20th, 2011

Vermont Grampas & Loring

A personal word from Michael & Stan.

After several failed attempts due to the financial crises, we have succeeded in selling Deerhill Inn to Ariane Burgess and Scott Kocher – a very interesting couple.  Ariane is originally British and spent many years in New Zealand.  Scott is from Wellesley, Mass, and met Ariane while on a trip to New Zealand.  We have known them for several years and feel we are leaving the Inn to friends who will take very good care of our wonderful guests.  They are committed to continuing the level of hospitality and fine dining which we have strived for over the years.

During our nine years as the owners of Deerhill Inn, our families have grown to include in-laws and five wonderful grandchildren, who refer to us collectively as the “Vermont Grampas.   We are ready to enjoy a less stressful lifestyle which leaves more time for family visits and holiday celebrations.  The same relaxed retirement that many of you enjoy.  Statistically, Innkeepers own their Inns for an average of seven years, so we are proud of the fact that we have beat the average.

We would like to thank all of the guests who have visited us over the years, many of you who we have come to know through your return visits.  Although many Innkeepers love to recall tales of problem guests, we have learned that most guests are no problem at all but a joy to care for.   One of our greatest rewards was welcoming stressed out, grouchy power couples on Friday afternoon and watching as they loosened up and relaxed over the weekend.  As we look forward to a new chapter in our lives, we a mindful of what we leave behind.

Michael Allen & Stan Gresens

Gift Certificates Are Sure To Please

December 9th, 2010
apple blossom room

Apple Blossom Room with Mural

Gift Certificates for an “experience” are just about the most thoughtful gift you can give.  You are not saddling the recipient with “stuff” that lies around collecting dust, and you are not just giving cash – which seems so impersonal.  Instead, you are giving them a little push to get out and have some fun.  Whether it is for dinner, a massage, a concert or a travel destination, you are giving them an “experience” that they might not have had – and, perhaps, memories to last a lifetime.

Over the years, we have hosted dozens of couples staying with a gift certificate and we know that it is always appreciated.  It is wonderful to have arriving guests admit that this is their first experience in a bed and breakfast and they are here because their kids gave them a gift certificate.  They often don’t know how to act or what to expect, and we always try a little harder to make sure the first experience will lead to many others.  It doesn’t take long to get used to the experience.

Of course, we think the very best experience anyone can have is a relaxing weekend stay at Deerhill Inn in beautiful southern Vermont.  We have thirteen wonderful rooms to choose from and a really “amazing” dinner by Chef Michael Allen.

You can purchase our Gift Certificates for dollar amounts, or for a specific room.  Give us a call for details or go to the Gift Certificates link on our website and buy online.

It’s a gift that can’t fail to please.

Romantic Ski Packages

December 4th, 2010

downhill skiing adventureMount Snow is open for skiing and it is time to think about getting away for a little skiing this winter.  Why not make it extra special with a stay at romantic Deerhill Inn? After skiing, you can warm up in our cozy sitting room with a cup of hot cider and enjoy a fabulous dinner in our romantic dining room.  For the ski widows, it is an ideal place to spend a relaxing afternoon, perhaps with a massage in your room.

We have some great ski packages this year which all include one free lift ticket and a four course dinner one evening in our cozy candlelit dining room.

The Ski Free and Love It package is for a two to five day (we throw in Sunday) midweek stay with one to four days of skiing included.  One of the lift tickets is free even up to four days.  Dinner for two one evening is included with tip.  Prices range from $466 to $641 depending on room choice.

The Wine, Dine & Ski Weekend package includes dinner one evening with a bottle of wine and tip plus one day of weekend skiing for two.  You can add a second day of skiing, and you can add a third night stay at half price.  As in all the ski packages, one of the lift tickets is free.  Prices range from $575 to $915 depending on room choice.

As an added bonus, lift tickets are delivered to the Inn the afternoon before the first day of skiing.  What could be easier?

Deerhill Inn is “Amazing”

November 22nd, 2010
mountain dining

Amazing Food, Amazing View

During our eight years as owners of Deerhill Inn, we have gotten used to hearing accolades about Michael’s cooking and the Inn.  This  includes the term “scrummy” which I was assured was a compliment in the British Isles.  I assume it has something to do with scrumptious, but seems to be a bit more homey and comfort foody ish.

The word we hear most often, however, is “amazing” used to describe  the cooking, the Inn, the rooms, the mountain views, the gardens, the atmosphere, the robes, the breakfast,  the hospitality, the wine, the weekend, the experience, the romance …

Here are just a few which we have picked at random

Amazing food and lovely décor” – Dan & Sarah, CA

Amazing! Great Atmosphere, Wonderful Food.” – Phil & Sarah, CT Read the rest of this entry »

Thanks For Your Service

November 13th, 2010

We have just finished hosting six members of America’s armed forces, and their significant others, as part of the B&B For Vets program.   We decided to donate some rooms to this program because it just seemed the right thing to do – a simple way of showing appreciation to those who serve in our country’s military.  What we learned is that there is a human face to the military and to the wars which seem so far away.
Like many people in America, we are very removed from the military.  We don’t personally know anyone who is in Iraq or Afghanistan, and our families have not been directly affected by those events.  So, the experience of meeting these five couples has given us a different perspective , and a greater appreciation for the professionalism of the modern American military.


Christina, Shane, Jeff, Jordan

We were happy to host Shane & Christina and Jeff & Jordan from Grand Isle, Vermont.  Shane & Jeff are in the reserves.  Robert, who lives in Western Mass with his wife Frances, is stationed in Boston.  Joseph from Albany is a recruiter  stationed in Catskill, NY – he was here with his wife Joanna.   Joe & Margaret from Roxbury, MA are both in the military, he just rotated off active duty and she is stationed in Boston.  (I apologize that only one of my pictures turned out good enough to use) Read the rest of this entry »

Thanksgiving at Deerhill Inn with Leftovers

November 5th, 2010

turkeyAre you bummed out because the kids can’t come home for Thanksgiving?  Are you feeling neglected and dreading all of that cooking for just the two of you? Nobody to help with the cleanup?  It just doesn’t seem like a holiday, does it? Well, we’ve got the answer!

Get away to Deerhill Inn in Southern Vermont for a relaxing holiday weekend and you will not only enjoy a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, but we will save some leftovers for you to enjoy throughout the weekend. Read the rest of this entry »

Goodby Sophie

October 29th, 2010

sophieMichael and I are sorry to report that our little Corgi, Sophie, died unexpectedly last weekend from complications due to an obstruction in her small intestine.

Those of you who have been our guests in the past might remember Sophie as the shy, frightened little dog cowering under the reception desk in our office.  Although she was painfully shy and nervous around strangers, she was a much happier dog with all of us at Deerhill Inn.  She enjoyed getting treats from all of the staff members, kept Jeannette company all day as well as making a daily trip with her to the post office. Read the rest of this entry »

Lucky Wedding Day at Deerhill Inn

October 28th, 2010

Having a 10/10/10 wedding seemed to be all the rage this year.  From hundreds married in a Beijing group ceremony to thousands of online marriages, it seemed to be the luckiest day of the year for a wedding –  or maybe just an easy anniversary to remember!

Deerhill Inn joined in the festivities with two weddings on Oct 10 plus one a little earlier in the weekend on the 8th.   On Friday we hosted Jonathon and Ron from Florida and on Sunday Kristi & Lisa from Texas were married as well as Bill & Matt from Florida.  It looks like everyone was trying to escape the heat to get married in the cool crisp Vermont autumnal air. Read the rest of this entry »

Inn to Inn Dining in West Dover

October 27th, 2010

The Mount Snow Valley in Southern Vermont offers a great variety of dining options.  We know from our years of experience at Deerhill Inn, that many of our guests prefer to have a varied dining experience while staying in West Dover.  While most feel that the cuisine of Chef Michael Allen is “amazing”, they may wish to have a different experience for one of the nights they are here.

We are making this easy to do by teaming up with The Hermitage, our fellow Select Registry Inn in West Dover, to offer the Inn to Inn Dining Package. Read the rest of this entry »

Fairytale Vermont Wedding For Two

October 20th, 2010
carriage ride at deerhill inn

Rachel & Brendan

Once upon a time in Merry Olde England, the fair maiden Rachel became betrothed to the dashing young Brendan.  Rachel & Brendan had their hearts set upon an intimate wedding in far off Vermont just for the two of them to cherish.

After much searching of the Ye Olde Internet, they discovered a charming Inn nestled on a hillside in the Green Mountains in the quaint hamlet of West Dover – which just happened to special in Weddings For Two.  Thus it was that Rachel & Brendan realized their dream and traveled to Deerhill Inn. Read the rest of this entry »